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Wirral Ladies Golf Club

A beautiful womens-only course for golfers of all abilities. 

Laid out within the Wirral was countryside and seashore, the course fits effortlessly into the natural environment, covering the highest open land on the peninsula. This largely hidden green oasis retains its heritage of small copses and heathland and has become an important habitat for wildlife.

The course was designed by local lad Harry Hilton, a winner in the Open Championship at Muirfield in 1892, winning again at his home club Royal Liverpool in 1897. Hilton, a winner of the British Amateur Championship on four occasions, was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1978. Hilton's clever design offers a subtle test of golf which is about so much more than how far you can hit the ball. The course rewards thoughtful play - be cautious and you will score, but only by combining caution with boldness will you score well. Small traditional greens are often elevated to deflect or stifle the wavering approach shot. Bunkers lie in those very places where the ball wants to roll. Any drives hit off line (if found) will leave the golfer with a shot into the green over trees, gorse or hazards.

At around 5,000 yards, Wirral Ladies is a compact golf course (par 70 for women and par 68 for men). It has short walks between greens and the next tee and with a round taking on average a little over three hours, the golfer will have had their game tested, enjoyed a walk in a traditional natural setting and perhaps most importantly have enjoyed the good company of fellow golfers with plenty of time left to mull over their game whilst enjoying the rest of the facilities at the clubhouse.

Wirral Ladies Golf Club, offers a great course to maybe finish your break on before home or as your first course which could be played in the afternoon of your break.


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