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Thornton Hough

This historic part of Wirral was formerly known as Toritone at the time of the Doomsday Book. The village’s present name was only established when the daughter of Roger de Thornton, the local landowner, married Richard de Hoghe during the reign of Edward II.

In 1889 the very first Viscount Leverhulm started work on Thornton Hough and some years later he purchased the mansion of Thornton Manor where he settled with his family. He built a school, an orphanage, a Norman style church, shops and a smithy.

Set in lush pastures and fine woodland, Thornton Hough is a lovely example of village life. This historical part of Wirral is full of history and charm, where you can take in country walks, relax at one of its many tea shops or discover the cottages and fine buildings. The village green is the hub of village life, and is surrounded by two churches, the village blacksmith and a mixture of redbrick and half timbered mock Tudor houses, a setting which typifies the archetypal 'old England' rural village atmosphere.

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