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Hoylake Life Boat Museum

Hoylake Lifeboat MuseumA lifeboat station has existed in Hoylake for more than 200 years. During these two centuries Hoylake lifeboat crews have saved more than 800 lives. The Museum is dedicated to the crews of the past, the community from which they came and the gallant lifeboat men and women of today. Lifeboats attract enthusiasts, the crews attract admirers. In the 1990’s a local descendent of Hoylake’s fishing families, whose ancestors had been crew members, discovered the last Hilbre Island lifeboat Chapman, deserted and derelict on the banks of the Ribble.

John Parr and his father Bill brought Chapman back to the Wirral where she was restored and saved. Now 111 years old, Chapman is listed in the National Register of Historic Vessels as the oldest surviving Liverpool-type lifeboat and is now displayed in the museum. A further lifeboat, the former Hoylake boat Thomas Corbett was discovered in Ireland and shipped back through Dublin to the Wirral. She has been restored and is also is displayed.

The relinquishing of the old Victorian lifeboat station gave local enthusiasts the opportunity to secure the building’s future as a home to Hoylake Lifeboat Museum.


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