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Although the exact date of construction is unknown, Brimstage Hall is believed to have been built between the 12th and 14th century,making it one of the oldest buildings on Merseyside. Brimstage Hall is a medieval pele or fortified tower in the heart of the Brimstage hamlet. The history of the tower is clouded in mystery - it is not even known when it was built, much less why a military tower should have been built in peaceful Cheshire. Other puzzle include the stone carving of a smiling Cheshire cat in the former chapel - an original model for Lewis Carroll's 'Cheshire Cat'?


Set in the country village is Brimstage Hall and Courtyard, a collection of shops and eateries within a charming courtyard. Brimstage has become a thriving craft, clothing and decor centre. Visit the shops, enjoy seasonal events and visit Gregory's Farm for a fun family day out.


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